The history of DOMUS FABER began over 800 years ago. At that time, the common clergy did not live in the parish priest’s house but in their own “beneficiates’ house”. The clergy earned their money from the benefice, hence the name.

In 1823, the first blacksmith and master locksmith named Alois Laukas opened his workshop on the ground floor of the house. The floors above served as housing. For seven generations, the blacksmith’s workshop was passed down from master to master. The last blow of the hammer was at the end of the 1950s. After that, the house became quiet – until it was later taken over by an art boutique.

2021, the new owners, Barbara and Johannes, carefully brought the house out of the past and created their own idea of a pleasant place to stay in Meran. The preservation of the original character of the building and the memory of its former purpose as a blacksmith’s workshop were particularly close to their hearts. Barbara’s uncle Toni was one of the last apprentice blacksmiths and locksmiths to study and work here, which the architect saw as a good omen for her house.

After its involved renovation, DOMUS FABER now presents itself as a secret old town treasure with an open, hospitable atmosphere. It’s not just your average apartment building. It’s a holiday home that’s sustainable and laid back. According to the pleased owners, “We wanted to create a place that does not push itself to the centre of attention but offers space for retreat and conviviality in equal measure. And we think we have succeeded!”