When DOMUS FABER came into existence, sustainability was not a matter of discussion because the way of life already was sustainable. Back then, people lived simply and with few resources. Yet they were all the more creative in making good use of what was available.

During the renovation of the DOMUS FABER, the existing building was preserved where possible, expanded and equipped with environmentally friendly systems to meet the criteria of the local “Ensemble-Schutz”, which protects historic facilities. The building was awarded the ”Klimahaus R” sustainability seal in recognition of this. 

CO2-neutral technologies are used for generating heat, hot water and electricity, and the house’s own photovoltaic system supplies all the electricity needed. Surpluses are stored in an advanced battery – for those few days when there is no sun in Meran.

Sustainability and ecological-social responsibility also play a major role in the everyday life of DOMUS FABER. At every turn, our guests notice that we are making a small contribution to our future. This includes:

  • the e-charging station for cars and e-bikes, powered by self-generated electricity,
  • the rental of bicycles and e-bikes (euro 5/hour, euro 30/day,
  • from 2023: Südtiroler Gästekarte (guestpass)
  • plastic-free care products in the bathroom,
  • the burlap bag for your daily shopping needs (which you can also take home),
  • and last but not least, we reward guests who arrive by train with a sustainable shopping gift voucher