If you are in Merano:

  • Follow the signs towards the center and Therme Meran.
  • At the intersection of Romstrasse/Cavourstrasse/Tunnel THERME, drive STRAIGHT AHEAD into the traffic-calmed zone and cross the POSTBRÜCKE.
  • There are traffic lights at the Bozner Tor on the sand court, here you can drive into the pedestrian zone. It is important that you let us know your license plate number and vehicle type when you check in at the latest so that we can register your car.
  • Follow Leonardo-da-Vinci-Strasse and turn right past St. Nicholas Church.
  • At the upper Domplatz (Restaurant Partanes), please drive into Hallergasse. After 100 meters you will see the Domus Faber on the left side of the road.